Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

whiskey primer gave a nice little "whiskey 101" crash course. very glad to see rye finally getting its well-deserved recognition. check it out.

NOTE: rye whiskey is allegedly harder to find, but any good liquor shop should stock old overholt.

letters of note : slash

love how civil and levelheaded slash (former guns n roses band member and guitarist extraordinaire) seems regarding the girl that just broke his heart. read it here.
rogue wave. permalight. 3.2.10.

gorillaz : superfast jellyfish

slinky new jam by damon albarn & co. listen here.

local natives do la blogotheque

born ruffians : sole brother

first listen from the sure-to-be-great new album. reeeaaally digging it. makes me ready for summer.

born ruffians. say it. 6.1.10.

sunset rubdown : dragon's lair (video)

a great song off of a seemingly overlooked album from this summer. few do musical catharsis as well as spencer krug.

arctic monkeys. my propeller (single). 3.22.10.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

yeasayer do the alternate side : o.n.e.

lcd soundsystem teaser 2

jj : let go (video)

karen elson : the ghost who walks (video)

jack white directed this video of his wife performing the title track off of her soon to be released debut.

sort of digging this. love the way she sings "with a knife in his hand" at about the 50 second mark. you can grab an mp3 of the song for the price of an e-mail over here.

four tet does tunnelvision

"angel echoes"


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bettye swann : my heart is closed for the season

recommended if you like sharon jones & the dap kings.

beach house do spinner's interface

"take care" embedded below. you can watch all of them here. but seriously though, if you haven't bought this album by now, you're a jerk.

bowerbirds : northern lights (video)

sometimes videos make songs sound better.

joanna newsom : have one on me (album stream)

stream joanna newsom's new album, have one on me (out today), over here.

beach house debut is now out on vinyl. pretty stoked. get it here.

new hold steady album due this may.

she & him : thieves

so lovely.

Monday, February 22, 2010

birdemic (trailer)

you're gonna see it somewhere, so you might as well see it here.

home bar essentials

the real root beer.

birdman (ft. drake, lil wayne) : money to blow (video)

realize i've been giving y'all alot more rap than usual, but a good song is a good song. and although this is technically a birdman song featuring drake, it might as well just be a drake song featuring birdman. lil wayne is absolutely right when he sings, "we'd be alright if we put drake on every hook."

thanks to lindsay for wising me up to this one.

frugan living

sort of infatuated with this blog, frugan living. the long and short of it is that this young woman dives through dumpsters for groceries. she gets all the nonperishables that stores throw out (which actually makes pretty good sense) but she'll also snag the produce that hasn't necessarily gone bad, but that the store throws out after a certain amount of time on the shelves. so, my gut instinct tells me that's probably not very healthy/sanitary. or is it the pervasiveness and entrenchment of throwaway culture combined with the general germaphobia present in our society that makes us dismissive of a totally economical (and safe?) way to live and eat? i dunno. i'm too germaphobic to try.

this guy knows what i'm talking about.

snoop dogg ft. kid cudi : that tree

in lyrical content/beat/melody, verse is typical of snoop, chorus is typical of cudi. chorus is great, though. stream over here.

tegan and sara : alligator (video)

i enjoyed t&s's last album, the con, quite a bit, but i unfortunately didn't find too much in their latest album, sainthood, that i liked. this song being an exception. kewt video, too.

feist : he was free (video)

i don't usually post crummy youtubes of live unreleased songs, because they're, well, crummy. and because they're also unreleased, the listener has no real point of reference, making the listening more of a strain than a joy. HOWEVER, this is feist, who always holds a place in my heart as she was one of the early discoveries in my burgeoning indie days. also, the song seems like it's going to be a real winner on that new album, whenever it comes out.

caribou : odessa

this groove is so deep in that pocket. got a bit of a jungle/drum and bass vibe going on (think a guy called gerald's "i won't give in") and i looove it. grab it. now.

bear hands : what a drag (video)

feeling this fuzzy little number by a band with an awesome name.

owen pallett : lewis take action

owen pallett (responsible for some of the huge arrangements on some beirut and arcarde fire lps, among others) used to go by the moniker final fantasy. now it's just owen pallett. music is still great though. to reduce his music to a five word description: a more avante andrew bird.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the-dream : love king

the-dream is the-bomb. responsible for rihanna's "umbrella" and beyonce's "single ladies" as well as his own super-legit r&b killers "rockin' that shit" and "mr. yeah," the dude's pretty flawless at laying down big-beat r&b radio-ready anthems. check out the title track to his alleged final album over here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

really know how calvin feels right now.

passion pit do amsterdam acoustics : the reeling

Amsterdam Acoustics - passion pit from Mokummercials on Vimeo.

this is pretty lovely. michael has a nice non-falsetto voice.

girls : end of the world (skeeter davis cover)

girls :: end of the world (skeeter davis cover)

broken social scene : world sick

from the band's new record. going to be sick.

vampire weekend : giving up the gun (video)

the much buzzed-about video from the much buzzed-about band for a great80s-aping track featuring RZA, lil jon, jake gyllenal, and joe jonas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the xx : basic space (p4k's surveillance)

ted leo : the mighty sparrow

new one from the punk-rocker's forthcoming matador debut.

amazon daily deal: matt and kim's "grand"

just two bones over here.

morning benders : excuses

the band is giving away another song from their sure to be great sophomore effort. all it costs is an e-mail. head over here.

mgmt. congratulations. 4.13.10.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kate nash : i just love you more

grab the new jam from kate nash for the price of an e-mail over here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

morning benders.

Friday, February 12, 2010

brown bear favorites ra ra riot talk to rs about their upcoming sophomore effort, slated for a summer release.

studio strokes pt. 1

antlers : bear (video)

another beautiful video for another beautfiul song off an awfully beautiful album.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

beirut. lon gisland 12" ep (reissue). 3.30.10

new strokes in september

strokes drummer fab moretti tells spin that the strokes' fourth studio album is tentatively due this september.

the last airbender trailer

realize this is probably for kids, but i still feel like i could get behind this one.

toy story 3

love me some disney/pixar.

happy birthday, burt reynolds

and thanks for making hairy sexy. guys like us gotta stick together.

yeasayer do "ambling alp" for jimmy fallon

morning benders : excuses (live w/ guests)

that breakdown is AMAZING. i've been a benders fan since their first little ep, and between this and "promises" i'm beyond psyched for this record.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

leaving for mardi gras.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

stream local natives' "gorilla manor"

you can stream local natives' excellent debut gorilla manor in its entirety over here.
this is what live music should be like. always.

bonnaroo 2010

new obsession: mark rothko

could look at his work all day. check it.

joanna newsom : kingfisher

drag city has posted yet another new tune from jonew's upcoming album, have one on me. and, like the others, it is just beautiful. i am just real excited about all of this. give it a listen over here (upper right corner).

these are pretty slick.
one of the freshest men's clothing brands (band of outsiders) showcasing its spring gear with one of the freshest comedians (donald glover [derrick comedy, mystery team, "30 rock" writer, "community" star]) and the little brother (dave franco) of one of my favorite actors (james franco). check it here.

today, lil wayne begins his sentence for attempted gun ownership. one year. gonna miss u, weezy.

UPDATE: sentencing has been postponed until next month for an "emergency" oral operation + recovery.

Monday, February 8, 2010

horse feathers. thistled spring. 4.20.10.
i think we're going to call it come around sundown. so far it's some of the saddest courtry soungs you've ever heard, but mixed with some of the hippest melodies we've ever done. it's beat-driven and heavy, but then there'll be a country song that'll tear your heart out. and no pop.

- kings of leon's caleb followill to spin magazine on the band's next lp.
fred armisan is infallible.

amazon daily deal: yeasayer's "odd blood"

grab yeasayer's thoroughly enjoyable new album odd blood a day early and for just under four bucks over here.
click to enlarge. feels like you're inside a diorama.

vampire weekend : ruby soho (rancid cover)

vampire weekend :: ruby soho

Sunday, February 7, 2010

feeling this song pretty hard.

them crooked vultures do snl

i loved watching this performance for a couple of reasons. one, it's a great rock song. two, josh homme and dave grohl are the man (the mans? the men?). three, led zep's john paul jones (!!). and four, it's one of the few televised performances where the bassist and drummer get almost as much camera time as the guitarist/singer.

you can watch the other performance, "mind eraser," here.


via klobdawg.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

hey gang. going to be in los angeles for the next couple days, trying to trick someone into giving me a job. no posts. they'll resume on saturday evening. <3 y'all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

seabear. we built a fire. 2010

sharon jones and the dap-kings : i learned the hard way

sooo good. sharon jones and the dap-kings have always been a song-to-song type of band for me. some of the songs don't do anything for me. but some songs i love hard. this is one that i love hard.

the strokes return to the studio...again

according to the band band, via p4k. really hoping they get it done. soon. itching for this one.

beach house : walk in the park (rehearsal video)

vampire weekend do la blogotheque's les oirees de poche

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in 1956, buddy holly taped a phone conversation he had with his label in which he asked (with an almost painful amount of politeness and courtesy) his label head to release the rights to some of his songs that he felt the label recorded/arranged poorly/failed to push to radio. buddy believed the tracks, if arranged and promoted properly, could be successful.

buddy's version of "that'll be the day" became a massive hit.

the day the music died

on february 3, 61 years ago, a plane carrying buddy holly, ritchie valens, and the big bopper crashed near clear lake iowa, killing them as well as the pilot.

beach house : norway (rehearsal video)

i can't believe this is happening for real.

joanna newsom : good intentions paving company

was always a "casual newsom fan," but i'm getting the feeling that this album might push me into the "enthusiastic newsom fan" category. stream the newest offering from have one on me over here (in the upper right hand corner).

Monday, February 1, 2010

this photo is amazing.