Friday, April 30, 2010

chuck klosterman breaks down the effect beck's "loser" song/video had on 90s popular culture. good read.
fab moretti gives a little update on the strokes' next album.

radiant child (trailer)

really excited for this.


kele. the boxer. 6.22.10.

karen elson. the ghost who walks. 5.25.10.

black keys : next girl (video)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

interpol : lights

interpol is giving away (for a birth date and e-mail address) the first listen from their as-yet-untitled fourth lp. with the general exclusion of turn on the bright lights, interpol has been fairly consistently divisive in fan/listener/critic reception from song to song. and if this track is any indicator, the trend will likely continue with the new material. i usually tend to be a pretty big interpol apologist, but there isn't much meat to this song. no soul. feels like interpol at their most distracted.

ratatat. lp4. 6.8.10.

band of horses do jools holland : factory

kele : tenderoni

first listen at what kele okereke (bloc party frontman) sounds like when left entirely to his own devices.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

class actress : adolescent heart (video)

wolf parade. expo 86. june/july.

the antlers on p4k

the band give a different take on a couple of phenomenal songs from their breathtaking debut.



stream cocorosie's new album

give a listen to the creepy/lovely new album by cocorosie. over here.

the drums. gq.

Monday, April 26, 2010

earth from mars

keepaway : yellow wings

recommended if you like animal collective.

temper trap : love lost (

that will be me one day. just chilling with my wolfhound.

click to enlarge.

born ruffians : what to say (video)

really cool video for this thoroughly breezy little jam. watch it here.

tokyo police club : boots of danger (wait up)

another new track from the band's forthcoming sophomore effort, champ, can be streamed right over here.

new grizzly bear song

grizzly bear donated a new original song to the washington state lottery campaign. it's great. the accompanying video is pretty great, too. watch/listen here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

gorillaz do colbert : stylo

daman albarn. the coolest.

watch the performance + interview here.

broken social scene do letterman : forced to love

the band sounds tight. wish they did "world sick," though.

will ferrell : bitch hunter (video)

the funniest thing that happened on television last night.

stream the national's new album

you can listen to the national's forthcoming high violet in all it's lush and hushed beauty over here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lcd soundsystem : you wanted a hit

sooo, this is easily going to make my 'best songs of 2010' list. it clocks in at just over nine minutes, but every single second is essential. and it's versatile. so versatile. listen on big headphones. listen on busted speakers. listen at night while you drink. listen on repeat on a long drive on a sunny day. and the lyrics aren't anything snuff at either. that first line kills me every time ("you wanted a hit, but maybe we don't do hits"). listen to it here.

also, if you can dig that track, you should definitely check out "dance yrself clean" as well (over here).

the national. gq.

dead weather : die by the drop (video)

dizzee rascal : dirtee disco

stream the new aptly titled track by dizzee over here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

jj : ceo birthday

jj :: ceo birthday

band of horses : factory

grab the gorgeous (and string-laden) infinite arms opening track for the price of an e-mail. but seriously...grab this right now.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

horse feathers : thistled spring

just beautiful.

kurt vile : invisibility : nonexistent

least kurt vile-sounding kurt vile song ever. still sounds like kurt vile. from square shells ep.

kurt vile is working on an autumn 2010 followup to last year's childish prodigy, and, in the meantime, will be releasing the square shells ep on may 25. excited.

stream lcd soundsystem's new album

check this album out. really good. here.

morning benders : promises (video)

feeling this video. very cheeky.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blitzen trapper. destroyer of the void. 6.8.10.

kisses : bermuda

blissed-out pop from la duo. sounds like jens lekman fronting delorean.

the national : afraid of everyone

the national :: afraid of everyone

band of horses : laredo

another new one from forthcoming infinite arms. the vocals, while still sounding exactly like ben bridwell, are the least ben bridwell-sounding vocals on a boh track yet. rewind that back if it sounded too fast.

Monday, April 12, 2010

humbling. EDIT: if the below video is not working, watch it here. and you really should watch it.

department of eagles. archive 2003-2006. 7.20.10.

drake : over (video)

dreezy. young money.

a couple new broken social scene tracks ("water in hell" and "sentimental x's") have found their way onto the interwebs. and they're great. stream 'em over @hypem.

hot chip : she wolf (shakira cover)

can't really beat the original, but kudos to the band for picking an AMAZING song to cover. listen/download over here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

what was playing when you were born?

this is a pretty sweet/depressing (depending on your birthday) site. just follow the directions to find out what the number one song in the country was on the day you were born. what was mine, you ask?


gayngs : the gaudy side of town

gayngs is the collaborative effort of ivan howard (rosebuds), justin vernon (bon iver, volcano choir), megafaun, solid gold, p.o.s., and more. sexy.

new lcd soundsystem

you can hear two new tracks,"change" and "dance yourself clean," from murphy's forthcoming (and possibly final) album under the lcd soundsytem moniker. i've always found lcd to be a mixed bag. some songs are just amazing. some i guess i just "don't get." "change" is alright. "dance yourself clean" is inspired. listen to them over here while you can (which probably isn't much longer).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

letters of note : reagan

who knew reagan was such a smooth operator?

group : colours

don't know too much about this group, that met/formed in greece and relocated to los angeles. a little loose, a little jangly, a little anthemic. reminds me slightly of wolf parade.

deer tick : 20 miles

deer tick :: 20 miles

the other guys (trailer)

ferrell/wahlberg buddy cop movie. the good cop/bad cop scene makes me lol. watch it here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

the hold steady : barely breathing

yet another new jam from the hold steady's newest effort. stream it here.

pitchfork music fest full lineup announced

and it looks really really strong. puts lolla's mid to low tier band lineup to shame. check it out for yourself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

black keys : iowa city

leaving for ic. black keys tonight. no posts for today. <3 y'all.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

diamond rings : wait & see (video)

this video/song is strangely entrancing.

been watching lots of x-files lately.
festivals have become smorgasbords. have you been to a buffet recently? everything looks really good at first, then you sample and overeat and wish you went to a regular restaurant. because what you really want is one thing really good as opposed to a plethora of stuff you don't truly desire.

--bob lefsetz

black dub : i believe in you

i don't know anything about these cats, but i really really like what i'm hearing. bittersweet. sultry. addictive.

no, that is not joss stone. it's trixie whitley.

karen elson : the ghost who walks (video)

i posted the "acoustic" version of this video by karen elson (spouse of jack white) a month or so ago. visually, there isn't too much more going on this time around. musically, however, you get a better feel (possibly?) for the sound of the album, which seems to be a bit more 60s-psyche-pop than the straight-forward folk that the acoustic version implied. dig it. watch the jack white-directed video below.

grilled cheese.

grilled cheese. lots of different kinds. narrated by jenna fischer (pam from the office).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

want 'em

these prints by artist evan b. harris are amazing. too many awesome ones to include. so obsessed. check out many many more right here.